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New Function: "Store"

Helen Vova

Helen Vova


15 : 06

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Store Function

Greetings all user,

We decided that we should create more ways of fun for all to participate. Therefore, after our big update, "Store" function was released.

By joining "Store", you will have the chance to own your favorite Arcanas or some fabulous CS:GO skins, and of course, with only about 5-20% of its actual price.

So how to play this? It's simple, you can purchase tickets that corresponding with numbers from 1 to 26, winner is the one chose the same number as Powerball (Red number), draws every Wednesday and Saturday 11PM ET (Thursday and Sunday 11AM GMT+8). Check the result on Also, each user can purchase a maximum of 5 tickets.

The prize will be sent to your account after drawing. Please notice the notification on your right if you are the winner.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the "Store" button or follow the link to join now!!!


New promo code out now, check out at

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