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Update notes for 23 July 2020

Helen Vova

Helen Vova


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Update notes 23/07/2020

1. Fixed the prediction rate where the odd could change considerably. Rate can now only be shown after users place prediction and have stability.
2. Monthly leader-board policies changed, now user must have prediction in at least 50 matches. Rankings will be determined by the total coins win.
3. New function released! "" aim to support all users to purchase valuable items in Covid-19 pandemic. We will not charge any additional fee for this function.
4. We will close Discord channel and move all supports, events and giveaways in "Live Chat" section on our website.
5. Improved browsing speed on website.
6. Updated terms of use.
7. Renamed the brand to CSGOBestYolo, new domain:
8. We provide 24/24 support service, you can either send an email through our website or message us through Social Media Page (Facebook, VK)

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